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The height is due to more pregnancies in the Andean peoples
Holds National Award winner 1994 Roussel Medicine.

It also increases births among women living in the Andes of Peru. This higher fertility stems less production of prolactin, a hormone that inhibits ovulation, revealed Dr. Gustavo Gonzales Rengifo.

This discovery earned Dr. Gonzales Rengifo be proclaimed winner of the National Prize for Medicine Roussel 1994, in recognition of his valuable contributions and related biomedical determinants of fertility investigations in height.

He explained that this phenomenon little known among scholars, it happens even though the reproductive age of women living in the villages of height is shorter than its coastal counterpart.

Thus, a woman of Cerro de Pasco can start their menarche (first period) between | 4 and 15 years, while his menospausia can occur between 42 and 45.

Not so with a coastal, whose reproductive cycle begins, usually at age 13 and ends at 50.
  • It has been found that exclusive breastfeeding is considered an effective contraceptive method does not give good results in the highlands of Peru.
  • In Cusco (3,400 meters high) the rate rises to 24% while in Cerro de Pasco (4.300 meters) is increased to 37%.
"Our most recent studies - said Gonzales - show that this is because the 'prolactin'-hormone that inhibits fertility during breastfeeding - is at lower levels than in offshore areas at sea level."
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