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The miracle of the Red Maca
Experts discover the miracle of potatoes through experimental models

WE HAVE FOUND THE RED MACA NOT ACT ON ESTROGEN BUT MORE LEVEL INTERIOR. (Dr. Gustavo Gonzales, a researcher, a pioneer in studies of maca)


Laboratory of Endocrinology and Reproduction of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia has become the benchmark for studies of maca worldwide. It has been found that the Andean tuber helps improve sexual health, memory , prevent osteoporosis and is also a powerful anti -aging food. Maca comes in 14 varieties , each with its own characteristics and specific effects on the body . In the study that has been conducted for more than 10 years ago , it was discovered that red maca ( one of its varieties ) has helped reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia , a condition that affects millions of men worldwide and causes progressive enlargement of the prostate , to the point of pressing the urethra and cause difficulty in urination .

Dr. Gustavo Gonzales , Director of the Laboratory of UPCH said that " the effect of three types of maca ( red , black and yellow ) on the prostate size was analyzed. Red maca reduced prostate effect more effectively than the yellow and black varieties without altering the weight of the seminal vesicles ( glands that produce 60% ​​of seminal fluid) . " According to the expert, this discovery significantly benefits the man , considering that current methods to reduce prostatic hyperplasia have side effects that affect the sexual field , causing decreased libido , ejaculatory dysfunction and impotence.

"We found that Maca has no effect on the sex hormones like finasteride, but acts to a more internal level " mentioned by the Director.


It was found that red maca also helps regenerate bones and may help prevent osteoporosis . It was also found to be a powerful Antei -aging food . " We found that the people of Carhuamayo , Junín, who consumed red maca could have the same health condition and vitality than 65 years that a person at age 35 , it's like not grow old ," said Dr. Gonzales .
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