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Almost every men will suffer from prostate disease
Dr. Gustavo Gonzales, Director of the Endocrinology and Reproduction Laboratory of the Science and Philosophy Faculty of the UPCH, Lima.

According to the expert, in 80 years benign prostate hyperplasia will affect many males in Peru.

According to Dr. Gustavo Gonzales, a good researcher must know how to find solutions to the problems afflicting the population. His diverse researches show that he has been capable of solving problems related to his field of study: male reproduction.

Which ones are the main male reproductive system diseases?

In the reproductive phase, infertility is a problem. While this is not physically painful, it can be a problem from a social point of view. Another problem is sexual dysfunction and this may be caused by modern life stress. After the age of 50, problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia arises.

Is this last disease affecting many men lately?

Yes, 50% of men older than 50 have this disease. Each decade the rate increases in such a way that in 80 years almost 100% of men will have BHP. In other words almost every man will suffer this disease which causes abnormal urination.

What is the problem with drugs prescribed for the treatment of this disease?

The standard drug is Finasteride, while it does reduce the size of the prostate it also lowers sexual desire, inhibits the production or motility of the sperm and alters erection. In other words, it has side effects that affect sex life. For this reason we started studying red maca to provide another alternative treatment.

Could we say that red maca would change these people’s lives?

Actually, yes. This plant grows at 4 thousand meters above sea level, where usually nothing grows due to the solar and cosmic radiation; however, it grows quite well. It means that inside this plant, there are substances extremely essential to life.

What other health benefits does maca has?

Each type of maca has different properties. Black maca enhances memory, delays fatigue, increase sperm count, lowers glucose levels. On the other hand, red maca improves the quality of the embryo, reverts osteoporosis, reverts prostate hyperplasia and has an immunomodulatory effect.

Source: Diario Correo, Wednesday, May 19th, 2014
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