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Natural Viagra: Expert recommends red maca to improve sexual desire
Daily dose of medicinal plant also improves erectile capacity in men over 40 years of age with prostate problems.

Natural Viagra: Experts recommend red maca to improve sexual desire. (Internet) Red maca improves sexual desire and does not affect erectile capacity in men suffering from prostate enlargement, said Gustavo Gonzales Rengifo, a biologist from Cayetano Heredia University.

Andean maca consumption increases rapidly

Dr. Gonzales explained that some doctors prescribe patients with prostate hyperplasia (enlargement), a drug named finasteride, which affects the sexual desire and erection. However, he pointed that “red maca reverts the enlargement of the prostate and does not affects the production of testosterone, and it also maintains the seminal vesicle functions”. This is why, he stated, this medicinal plant native from the central Andes, allows this organ to continue with its function of fertilizing and immunizing the sperm, and with the production of semen.

Five Peruvian foods good for health

Dr. Gonzales recommended taking this natural medicine starting at the age of 40. The recommended dose is 20 grams once a day, he emphasized.

“Red maca must be boiled, then strained and then it can be drunk. It can also be macerated in Pisco, and a small glass can be taken on a daily basis, at anytime of the day. Published on 05/18/2014 Source: Perú
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