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Red maca improves sexual desire and erectile capacity in men with prostate problems
Specialists from Cayetano Heredia University recommend its consumption

Lima, May 18. Specialists from the Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH by its initials in Spanish) informed that red maca improves sexual desire and does not alter erectile capacity in men suffering from prostate enlargement and take standard medicine which generates side effects.

Gustavo Gonzales Rengifo, a biologist and physician from UPCH, indicated that expert doctors are currently prescribing patients with prostate hyperplasia (enlargement) a drug named finasteride that affects sexual desire and erection.

"Red maca reverts prostate enlargement without affecting the production of testosterone and maintains seminal vesicle functions", Dr. Gonzales said to Andina agency.

This is why this medicinal plant native from the central Andes, allows this organ to continue with its function of fertilizing and immunizing the sperm, and with the production of semen.

"Seminal vesicle produces 60 % of seminal fluid and when red maca is consumed, sperm cells do not stop moving and when entering a female body they are not rejected and can continue their way to form the embryo", he commented.

Since red maca acts on the inflammatory process of prostate, doctor Gonzales recommended to consume this natural medicine starting at the age of 40 because it is when this process starts. The proper dose is 20 grams once a day, he explained.

"First, red maca must be boiled, then strained and then it can be drunk. It can also be macerated in Pisco, and a small glass can be taken on a daily basis, at anytime of the day. Another option is to consume maca extract that is already available in sachets", he said.

Findings about red maca benefits are the result of an investigation made by the Endocrinology and Reproduction laboratory of the university in 2013, and it was also a doctoral dissertation of Professor Manuel Gasco.

Prostate hyperplasia generates in patients suffering from it frequent and low volume urination because it pressures the urethra, which in turn affects his quality of life. This disease usually begins after the age of 50.

Published on 05/18/2014
Source: Andina - Peru News Agency
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